2007-10-24 / 18:54 /

  • I know meta information about frameworks I don’t use.
  • John Udell: The Peer-to-Peer Pendulum. The “What about my privacy?” question seems particularly important.
  • Fugly Philadelphia. “Philadelphia is home to the least attractive people in the United States…”
  • More form Ed Felten on Comcast and Net Neutrality. “…confirms my position on net neutrality: there is a risk of harmful behavior by ISPs, but writing and enforcing neutrality regulation is harder than it looks, and non-regulatory forces may constrain ISPs enough.” Ed is rapidly becoming another favorite blogger.
  • Postively Positive? EPO doping scandal involving Iban Mayo. Hearing doping tests described as “cut and dried” makes me nervous. The WADA/UCI’s zero-tolerance campaign kind of reminds me of the classic war on drugs: well-intentioned, lots of collateral.
  • Pittsburgh Vegan Dessert Fest ’07
  • The Simplest Universal Turing Machine Is Proved. There’s a bunch of kerfuffle on the reddit post, mostly focusing on the long-winded writing (true, but who am I to judge) and the fact that Wolfram is a jackass (which I can’t judge). I saw him talk at Pitt and thought he was interesting. I can’t comment on if he was original. This is the important part for me:

    When we think of nanoscale computers, we usually imagine carefully engineering them to mimic the architecture of the computers we know today.
    But one of the lessons of NKS–brought home again by Alex Smith’s proof–is that there’s a completely different way to operate.