2010-03-02 / 19:07 /

I didn’t do anything big for my 30th birthday with the rational that I would wait for my 25‘th birthday. Then I thought “this year I’m turning python -c 'print 0b11111'! That deserves some sort of nerd celebration!”

Then I got sick.

It didn’t stop me from having a nice dinner & some bluegrass party times on Friday night. Then Saturday I had breakfast, conned my friend into taking me to the Co-op and Trader Joe’s, and then had 18 hours of uninterrupted fevered dreams. Sunday I sat around drinking hot water to try to loosen the massive blockage in my lungs. I also did all the work I was supposed to do Saturday.

Some more anecdotes, told as a pithy definition list:

Best fevered brain sleep decision
“I’m hot but I’ll get cold later when the chills come back. I’ll take just one sock halfway off. Brilliant!
Sunshine ray
Jeanne came over and we tried to make a lemon meringue pie
Bird-poop in the eye
Lemon did not set
Insult to injury
Jeanne insisted that I do not have the flu, which is much worse. I merely have a rhinovirus
Success of blood-line / failure of technology
The fam called to sing me happy birthday over the speakerphone. It was sweet, but I couldn’t understand a damn thing they were saying when we talked afterwards

Now I’m mostly better except that I keep spitting up masses of dead, bloated T-cell and have trouble breathing when I ride my bike.

My birthday has been postponed until next weekend.