2011-10-21 / 18:13 /

I belatedly realized I never talked about my 2010 running of the Rachel Carson Challenge. It was literally a running: I ran the first half. Then my body was like “Hey, dude, that’s not a good idea! My joints feel like rubber and fire!” (though I was happy that my heel only tingled a bit). I power walked the rest and finished strong: 8:55:01.

I sat at the end waiting for Iris–my previous RCT buddy–to finish. She opted to hike with her friends who were doing the hike for the first time. But the thunder storms started and my ride showed up so I wished her luck from the passenger seat.

I might have dozed except I’d had about a dozen Gu packets @ 20mg of caffeine each.

I got out of the car and realized I was starting to pay the price of performance. My hip flexors tensed up so much that I could barely walk stairs.

I took my shoes off to find grape sized blisters. Eventually I would lose 5 toe nails.