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DJ /rupture

2010-04-13 / 22:31 /

Dub isn’t a heavy-handed bass line or some person pounding drums like a rock musician or anything that sounds like “reggae,” but more of a way of thinking, of cracking songs open and having the edges bleed together.

Jace Clayton

I AM SO EXCITED! See you there!.

Another 2 flawless albums

2010-02-14 / 22:27 /

  1. Bob Marley, Exodus
  2. Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Lie Down In The Light

Previous installments: 1 and 2

Free Free Gucci

2010-01-11 / 11:24 /

Free Gucci album cover


Keep hip-hop weird

2009-11-13 / 15:25 /

The last time SALEM graced these pages it was for a mix of several styles, many of them not hip-hop. But the south is powerful within them and it leaks out as heavy sludge:

Gucci Mane – Round One (SALEM Remix)
SALEM – Trapdoor

Meanwhile Busdriver has been here for years.

Busdriver – Least Favorite Rapper (Anti-Pop Consortium Remix)

Bass: subtle / for your face / subtle

2008-12-21 / 01:34 /

Speaking of those vinyl only Sleeparchive releases:

Sleeparchive – Meson (buy at Forced Exposure or hardwax for the Europeans)

Hardwax’s description is itself cold German minimalism: “Hypnotic bleeping techno + 6 loops”. Let’s make that a little more Japanese:

The Hadron EP:
Hypnotic bleeping techno
(plus six white-noise loops)

I’m impressed by the crisp subtlety, especially the bass. For a song that’s 50% synthetic kick (the rest is high-hat, “whirr” white noise, “woo-woo-wooo” space noise, and “incessant bleep”) it doesn’t come off as a bass track. Yet the subwoofer… it is working so hard. Makes me wonder how it would sound on something more powerful than my 10″ sub.

I suspect the effect is because Sleeparchive trims his samples, shoving everything into the low end. Let’s check Audacity‘s spectrum view:

Ralph Stanley – O Death
Ralph Stanley - O Death (spectrum)

Capcom – A Prayer for Kevin Garnett (Willy Joy’s Safe Journeys Remix)
Capcom - A Prayer for Kevin Garnett (Willy Joy's Safe Journeys Remix) (spectrum)

Sleeparchive – Meson
Sleeparchive - Meson (spectrum)

Ralph Stanley: subtle human, Sleeparchive: subtle machine, Capcom: unholy train wreck.

According to nxtplanet’s comment [Youtube] Sleeparchive and Surgeon are both big geeks. Let’s see…



Sleeparchive’s got a bit of the geek going on. Surgeon just looks like a Hitler Youth.

Bass for your face

For some much less subtle bass, check out Rinse FM‘s I Love Dubstep double mix CD (get at Amazon, Turntable Lab or Forced Exposure). It’s every major dubstep track from the last few years. Mixed, of course, so afficianados can still proudly display their imported vinyl.

Also on double CD is the new (and apparently last) Skull Disco release. It’s a bunch of their latest vinyl EP’s and some remixes. Skull Disco has always been good at conceptual integrity: dark, morbid tunes. Very dark. Very morbid. Yay!

Shackleton – Death Is Not Final (buy direct, from the lab or from Forced Exposure)

Keeping with a theme:
Shackleton - Death Is Not Final (spectrum)

If you want more music for no more $$$, check their free mixtape.

US copyright sucks

If it was more lenient, maybe we’d have a chance to get this album for less than $30: Carl Craig & Moritz von Oswald – ReComposed (also at Amazon and the lab).

I’m listening to it now and it’s amazing. There’s nothing to really share though, it unfolds pretty smoothly over an hour, and an excerpt would be much less than the sum. So instead here’s Carl Craig remixing Rhythm & Sound (Moritz von Oswald and Mark Ernestus).

Rhythm & Sound – Poor People Must Work (Carl Craig Remix) (buy)

Rhythm and Sound - Poor People Must Work (Carl Craig Remix) (spectrum)

Music of the day: Cosmic space jam disco love songs

2008-08-14 / 14:42 /


2008-06-24 / 09:58 /

New Soca mix from DoubleL & El Professor. I just got done listening to the mp3 mix and it’s good. It nicely spans the range from “happy soca” to more reggae-ish heavy tunes.

Can’t wait for the CD to show up.

More information (including samples) at These Rocks Pop.

Music review QOTW

2008-06-23 / 20:51 /

This original record is stupid rare. I had one copy two years ago, burned it to a CD, and sold it to some Limey shitbox for $250 thinking I really got over. A couple weeks ago I see it going for $877 on eBay. Fuck. By now you know Peter Brown produced a million records in the late 70s that all sound basically the same, but I guess people really sweat this one as a more standard disco affair- nice clean horn arrangements and some top of the cry baby wah guitar. None of that dusted out warbly synth action, which to me is actually the best thing about his records. Either way, I can only imagine what this does to a British dancefloor. Probably a fucking tornado of arms and teeth and fingernails. Sometimes I really wonder why it takes some across the pond dudes to sweat shit like this. It must be that organ all high in the mix. Hammond disco groover, mate. Chune caning status to the maximum, bro. Wait, I forgot my little black glasses, close-cropped balding-disguise haircut, raw denim jacket and Bapestas back at the flat. I guarantee you I could play this for just about any NYC DJ and tell them it was a $900 record and they’d look at me like fish guts were oozing out of my mouth. But for 2 bucks, reclaim this shit on some reverse imperialism, and play it at a little bar weekly while you go take a shit.

God bless you Bob Bannister, and your Turntable Lab review.

Are your comments getting borked?

2008-04-11 / 14:58 /

Rob tried to comment got both a rejection by WP-IDS and a nice PHP error message about missing paths. Woo boy.

The error was probably caused by a configuration error that I think I fixed. But I’ve got no idea why the comment was rejected in the first place.

If the same thing happens to me let me know and I’ll try to fix things.

“Well,” I thought “maybe Architecture in Helsinki knows some sexy Klans members?”

2008-03-28 / 11:48 /

When I first heard Heart It Races I thought the lyrics were saying “hot and racist”.

Meta: category clean-up

2008-03-16 / 17:59 /

Since WordPress 2.3 added support for tags, I’ve moved my old categories to tags and created some new ones:

Info about bikes
Link of the day
Everything else
Computer related

Categories will be stable and let you filter down to the posts you care about. So if you find yourself saying “cygwho?”, maybe Programming isn’t for you.

The plan is to add some display of tags later. But man, tag clouds sure are ugly.


Moving the categories around wasn’t too bad using the built-in cat2tag and Rob Miller’s Batch Categories plugin.

Planned outage

2008-02-07 / 12:12 /

Due to continued space and power constraints in our primary data center,
we will be moving the “randy” cluster to one of our newer data centers.
This move will begin Friday, February 8, at 10PM PST, and is expected to
last up to 8 hours, until Saturday, February 9, 6AM PST. All web servers,
mail servers, file servers, and MySQL servers in the randy cluster will be
unreachable during this time.

Fear not, loyal readers! It is only 8 hours.

Enough about programming, get some chunes

2008-02-04 / 12:50 /

We Got It For Cheap Vol 3. album cover
New Re-Up Gang mixtape!

It’s good.

Pet peeve of the day

2007-12-12 / 13:00 /

Folksy covers of gangsta rap. Way to take NWA’s stories of ghetto life and destroy them. I’m sure your suburban Jersey childhood has given you an understanding of Compton.

WTFOTD: NaN% loaded

2007-11-25 / 22:18 /

beatport_loading_nan.pngBeatport has the exclusive MP3 release of Radio Slave‘s Bell Clap Dance.

The site has lots of problems. It’s flash based so you can’t open up lots of Firefox links. You can’t deep link or bookmark pages. Doing certain searches will reload the page and stop playing the audio samples. The interface is too cluttered.

And it’s slow. There’s lots of loading, and it’s only NaN % done? At this rate it’s going to take INF!

Single of the week: Chromatics… in shining Violence

2007-11-07 / 10:21 /

The best song from Dixon’s Body Language 4 mix is available on 12″!

Chromatics In The City album cover

  1. In The City (Extended Version)
  2. Ambient Strings
  3. In The City (Zombie Vocal)
  4. In The Headlites (Extended Version)
  5. I’m On Fire (Crosstown)

Chromatics “In the City” is a beautiful slow disco number. Adam Miller plays guitar and Johnny Jewel (from Glass Candy, also a recent obsession since I got the Miss Broadway single) handles synths and production, but it’s Ruth Radelet’s smooth-as-Caffrey’s voice that’s the fatality.

Take a listen to the MP3:
Chromatics – In The City (Extended Version)

But I strongly recommend buying the single straight from Troubleman Unlimited. It’s only $9! And it’s got a smoking (pun intended) cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire”.

PS: boring video, but:

2 more flawless albums

2007-11-05 / 22:45 /

A baker’s dozen of flawless albums

2007-11-05 / 16:20 /

  1. Lou Reed, Transformer
  2. Deathprod, boxed set (yes, the whole damn thing)
  3. The Pogues, If I Should Fall From Grace With God
  4. Clipse, Hell Hath No Fury
  5. Gravediggaz, 6 Feet Deep
  6. M.I.A., Kala
  7. Miles Davis, Kind of Blue
  8. Sebutones, 50/50 Where It Counts
  9. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Nocturama
  10. Sonic Youth, Dirty
  11. Mogwai, Happy Songs For Happy People
  12. Radiohead, Ok Computer
  13. Velvet Underground, White Light/White Heat

By no means exhaustive.

New toys: audio

2007-11-04 / 09:07 /

  • Cambrdige Audio Azur 540R v2
  • Velodyne VRP-1000
  • Optical digital cable for DVD Audio
  • Speaker stands

Azur 540R v2

The future of music distribution blah blah blah

2007-11-01 / 09:15 /

Niggy Tardust download screen

(I’m much more excited by this than the radiohead album)